Wednesday, 20 April 2011

To market market

Picture this......outdoor shopping, fresh meat & cheese displayed on tables in the hot sun, everyone selling their wares under tarps and on tarps, the smell of stinky dried fish....and the parking lot filled with donkeys not cars. What an experience......makes me appreciate Walmart & the MH Mall even more!! We also had VBS for 170 kids today......crazy but so much fun. The kids made the cross craft I had made up into Ziplocs bags......was so exciting to see their faces as they made them. Thanks for blogging great to hear from you! Tell your brother to blog his Mom.....I miss him and would love to hear from him. Love ya Erin....thanks for taking care of things for me. hugs. PS: I experienced a first today......had my hair corn braided by a Haitian girl named Ludcia......will be so nice in this heat..Wow it's HOT here


  1. Hey
    What's Up

    Man those braids must be nice! I would love some with the extension braided in! Our curly fizzy hair doesn't not agree with humity!!! It's crazy to see a plane fly away totally changes everything. From people who drive like idiots in their fast gas guzzling trucks to people who live so simple and ride carts around...hey at least they save on gas!!! HA HA
    Good News thou is SO far I know I have passed half of my classes and I am just waiting on the other 3 now! Wheeeef! At least exams are over with now...I don't know what I am going to do all weekend until spring semester starts!

    Well I should go do something productive...maybe laundry...Thank You God for a washer and dryer!

    Have a good day Mom I will try and message you every day!


    ps. GUESS WHAT!!! A&F is having 40% of till the 25th! YA! I KNOW! I am stoked! haha

  2. pss. I went to Walmart and bought more stuff for my Hope Chest. I got a Juice Jug, cutlery and a spacula! hahah

  3. Hey Mom heard the internet was down and I passes another class now waiting on 2 more ya!

    Happy Easter/Good Friday Jesus died on the cross for us today!