Wednesday, 20 April 2011

This little pig went to market. . . .

What's a trip if if you don't do a little shopping?! Today we visited the local bakery, the butcher shop, the fruit stand and the pharmacy all under one roof - well actually it was under many tarps! I can't believe all of the food safe rules that we have to keep in Canada, the Haitians seem to survive quite well without the hassle of refrigerating and sanitizing. When we came back to Haiti Arise guess what? More shopping, what more could we ask for?! Some of the ladies from Haiti Arise run a souvenir shop to raise money to give to the pastors, how awesome is that?
After surviving VBS with 170 kids (you can read about that on other blogs) we had our feed of the yummy mangos that are falling off of the trees. I'm waiting for one of us to get beaned on the head, it's just a matter of time! Once again we were treated to a yummy meal.
The highlight of the day for me was a conversation I was able to have with a little boy. He told me he loves Jesus, I told him I do too - his huge smile was priceless! . . .oh to have the faith of a child, what a blessing that little one was to my heart!
Time to go and come up with a more effective game plan for tomorrow's VBS. Please pray for us as we all felt stretched a little more than we were expecting!

Ttyl later

Boy's there have been a few proud "Rod" moments! Can't wait to come home and tell you about all of our adventures. Love you both and Syd too xxooxxoo


  1. You guys are doing a great job. Slow down on the Mango or there will be infighting for the washrooms; tasty, but dangerous. Praying for you all. Sean

  2. Enjoyed your post! Keep well - praying for you!