Friday, 29 April 2011

Link Haiti Trip 2011

Pray for Haiti ARISE

Just after we left the compound to return home, Haiti ARISE came under attack from a group of locals who are in opposition to the constuction of the children's village on some adjacent property that has been purchased for that purpose. The attacks were in the form of rioting, throwing rocks and bottles, storming the gates and trying to burn them down with burning tires. Please pray that God will intervene and that a resolution can be reached. Our fight is not against flesh and blood enemies but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places. Ephesians 6:12 Please go to the Haiti ARISE link at the bottom of this page to see updated information.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Home Again

Wow!!!! What a fantastic trip. We had an incredible time in Haiti and I just wanted to say thank you to Marc and Lisa at Haiti Arise for letting us come and be a part of what they are doing in Haiti!!! The people of Haiti are beautiful and I loved working along side of them as well as just talking to them and getting to know them. Being on the trip with my family was extremely rewarding as well. I would greatly encourage everyone to consider bringing their family on a trip such as this one. The life lessons, practical and spiritual, are deeply profound. The more I go to Haiti the more it gets into my blood. I will be back!! Can hardly wait for next time. I threw a few pictures on the blog and when we get a chance to edit some video I will post that as well. Stay tuned.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Easter Sunday in Haiti

By Steve & Tania
What an experience today was! First thing this morning around 7 kids started to arrive for church at 9 ish. I have learned that the Link is slot like Haiti and when church starts at 9 people can still stroll in around 10. We had the pleasure of going to a house yesterday to meet 2 kids that we have chosen to sponsor for education which is very cool to actually see the kids you will be helping. This morning the first kids to comedown the road to church were the 2 we sponsored yesterday. Just like the Thornes to be so early for church. Church service was very lively and picture around 400 Haitians singing very load and enthusiastic crowd. Mark spoke and gave a great Easter message. We then went up to the mountains to a kids church and had around 150 kids singing and praising Jesus - awesome!! Kids are so great here just thriving for someone to hold their hand or take their picture!
Now onto Chris I opened the majority of the 150 rice bags and like yesterday Chris was more at the beach - in his mind. I also echo his comments on the great friendship I also have made. We have all got along so great and have all pitched in where needed. One more day tomorrow working on the children's ministry wall, finishing fence and hopefully will get to go to the house to see progress that has been made.
Kids hope all is well and we miss you! We may have a few more kids on the fridge now. We realty have grown to love the kids here!

Good Bye to Haiti!

By Chris J.

Since my last blog life has been very eventful. Yesterday, I opened up at least 80 bags of rice for our rice distribution...(sorry Steve)Afterwards we walked to the beach where I swam in the salty sea and ate an entire lobster for $10. So good but so different than any I'd had before served with a lime/pepper mixture that was spicy. I did miss my garlic butter but it was a treat nonetheless. I also found out what happens if you drink 2 ragamans swimming in the sea during a "cloudy" day. DUMMY. Apparently it's still hot even when it's cloudy and I've been bathing in spray-on aloe Vera ever since.

Today was church followed by church. Nearly three hours this morning and another few hours in the afternoon. Things you don't see in Medicine Hat? A two year old boy wearing a two piece suit complete with shiny black shoes.....all for Easter Sunday. What a passion and fire these people have. Seeing where they live and how they live somehow doesn't compute with their level of joy and contentment. Oh what we can learn. In the afternoon we piled 18 people into a van for a trip up the mountain for "kids church", a gathering of children (150 or so) that gather even after their parents have decided to stop attending. Listening to the Haitians praise and sing is an awe inspiring experience and again leaves me with sweaty eyes....

I will sign off now. Tomorrow will be a busy day and well be home before we know it. I'm trying to enjoy it to the bitter end but my burning shoulders and constant sense that I'm missing out on whats happening back home are making the countdown inevitable. My lone deep thought that I leave with is that the irony of a trip like this is that we all leave to experience another culture, way of life etc... But I return with a real sense that the people that I've really connected with are the other team members that you see every week or more. Of course I will never forget the Haitians I've met but it has been soooo cool to meet 12 life long friends from Saskatchewan, Newfoundland, Alberta, BC etc.....

Thanks for the good times team. Thanks for the laughs,tears and the memories. I hope you all are truly and wonderfully blessed by what we've shared, endured and experienced.



MY last blog

We leave on Tuesday to come home. The time has gone so fast. God has shown me the hearts of the haitian people. Everyone is so friendly and eager to practice their english and are patient when I attempt my creole. We are helping give out rice tomorrow and finishing the fence. Hopefully wewillbe working on the wall. Keep praying for stronghold to be broken. That will be exciting to be able to work on the wall. In the afternoon we will be cleaning up, packing and if there is time a quick trip to the beach. We leave at 430am on Tuesday which will be a long day but I am excited to get home. Ryan,my son, had his appendix out on Monday. Go figure, I go away and he ends up in the hospital. Pray for a speedy recovers for him. Anyhow I should run, we are having lasagna Haitian style for supper tonight..I am looking forward to that.
Good nite all and see you on Wednesday