Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Mango season....wear your hard hat!

How cool is that to walk out your front door and have a fresh mango! It is mango season here in Haiti so when you walk anywhere you should look up. When the wind blows then mangos fall.
We went to the market today which was very iteresting...very busy..with lots of smells and people. You could buy anything you want..clothes, dried fish, fresh meat..yes fresh meat, fresh bread, earrings, rice,beans and I could go on. After that we went to meet a woman who is living in a house built by Haiti arise. She was so excited to see us and we were just as excited to see the house and her. We prayed with her which was cool.

Later we came back to have VBS. We sang with them at churches, played games and made crosses. The kids had so much fun. Now were are getting organized for tomorrow as we have to do VBS again. It is Easter so we have several church services this week.

anyhow, I must run
Good nite


  1. Sounds like its quite the place, and reading the blogs is awesome to hear how God had touched the people of Haiti and how you all will continue to show the people of Haiti, his grace and awesomeness.

    Hope you are having a awesome time in the warmth and sun. We all miss ya ma, even bella.


  2. Fresh mongos!--sounds yummy :)
    Happy Easter to all
    Hugs from a Calgary Mom