Friday, 22 April 2011

Internet is Back

Welcome to Haiti. The Internet connection comes and goes and yesterday it went. Sorry to disappoint all of you who were anxiously waiting with baited breath for a new update from everyone. Had another awesome day again building the latest edition of the "Each one build one" home that Haiti Arise is erecting in Grand Goave. What a rewarding (and back breaking) experience working along side of the Haitian people. I wish I could stay here for a few months. We are getting to experience so much of the community this time around and it is fantastic!!! I took some time to walk a trail where I ran into an old man. After speaking a little creole to him he assumed I could speak the language and proceeded to talk my ear off for a couple of minutes so I responded to him the same way they respond to me, smile, nod my head and agree with him. Oui. Some how Rod, Leanne, Delynne and Chris got out of work today and went for a swim in the ocean. I'm sure they'll explain their deplorable actions in a subsequent blog. Bye for now.

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