Friday, 22 April 2011

In love with the Haitian children

We had no Internet connection no blog. Last 2 days of VBS we have had well over 200 children.....mass confusion at times with need for major crowd control. Yet the kids here are so beautiful and love attention. I have made many new little friends. I am shocked how children as young as 7-8 come here bringing siblings as young as infant/toddlers! I have held lots of babies in the last few days....while their brothers or sisters take in the program. After work was done today, Rebecca, one of the staff here, took Rod, LeAnne, Chris and I for a walk around Grand Gouve till the house building team got back. To set the record straight (Bruce!)....we ended up walking toward the ocean, where Rod & Chris could not resist a dip.....LeAnne and I only put our feet in :). We really do feel bad the rest of the team missed out.....but tomorrow we all go to a real beach :). I am loving my time here and really want to come back some day and serve again. PS Experienced a Haitian party last night as I drove with Lisa to her home in Grand Gouve to put the kids to bed.......hundreds of people in the many we could not pass through. It was all due to the favored Deputy of Grand Gouve being voted in....the Haitians were happy. Miss you so much Erin & Cole! Big hugs xoxo

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  1. Hey Mom
    I went and checked on Oreo today and gave him two timbits! :) Like I said I passed 4 my classes and now I am just waiting on 2! Yeah! :) I worked today! The beach sounds nice! Can you bring back cool shells like we did in flordia!!! Wow 200 kids!!!
    Have fun in the sun tomorrow!
    Let me know when you are getting back so we can come pick you up!

    Have a great night xo