Friday, 22 April 2011

Can you count to 230?

What another amazing day in Haiti! Kotes, my biceps are definitely going to be bigger than yours when I get home after all the sifting dirt we girls have been doing! We were fortunate to go back to the house being built and if you could only see how they sift the rocks out of the dirt to make mortar! They use a cover off an oscillating fan and a whole lot of arm action that the Haitians have down pat, and we Canadians, not so much! There has been so much progress on the house it's wonderful to see. Our afternoon was spent doing VBS. No big deal, only 230 kids that dont speak English, and 13 volunteers that don't speak Creole! It was great! We have been in so far over our heads it's unbelievable, and yet God is so good, giving us just the right amount of patience we need to stumble through. The kids are so thirsty for love and outside the gates of the compound others wait wishing they could come in too but there is just no more room! Marc shared his testimony with us last night and we are so thrilled that we are a tiny part of a huge vision that God has for Haiti Arise. Pray for this ministry, it is doing great things! Kids, yesterday was the first day I felt homesick for you all! I'm loving it here but missing you more than you know. Thanks for the blog Shanny and be good to each other guys. Love you tons, Tan and Steve

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  1. You guys are doing so many amazing things! I love being able to read these posts and see how inspired and encouraged you are down there. Good work on the houses dad... You must have been in heaven! And it sounds like your testimony and childrens ministry have been going well mom! I have tried posting comments but it keeps deleting them! So sorry if it looks like I haven't been reading - I check every night! I miss you both very much... And I definitely have a new appreciation for you mom! I am the new you - doing the boys laundry and dishes and all that. And I turn around and the house is a mess! These kids! I don't know what to do with them haha! I feel blessed to have you two as parents... You are doing incredible things and I am very proud of you!
    Happy Easter mom and dad (and the rest of the team!) It will be weird to not have you here but I know you are both exactly where you're supposed to be. I'm so happy you're enjoying it and I pray the rest of your trip will be just as amazing! I love you both lots!
    - Lace