Saturday, 23 April 2011

Bagging Rice and Beach Day

Today we got to bag rice for a rice distribution we are having on Monday. We took 150 sacks of rice and put it all into small family sized servings. In the afternoon we walked to the beach. On the way we met Christoff (the gardener we did so much with last year) and he told us Haiti Arise is building the next house for him. He brought us to the location and showed us where the foundation is all ready being dug. He was very excited!!! They start on his house next Tuesday. We took some pictures of him there with his kids. Having problems uploading them so we will put them on the blog when we get back. Sorry Ralph you will have to wait. He says hi to you. The beach was fantastic. I spent 4 hours getting drowned by Haitian kids. How fun. Later.

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