Saturday, 23 April 2011

Aunt Jemima is in the house

So hot here I have resorted to the hair up with a bandana wrapped around my head....with a skirt and blouse to top it off....I totally have the look! Other characters who have arrived at Haiti Arise is Stevie Wonder the comedian, Johnson & Johnston the nurses, and Tania the official team photographer......(move over Randy). Our time here is going much too quickly......only two days left! Today was great day of packaging rice and afternoon at the beach.......can't wait for Easter church service tomorrow. Hugs again to my kids xoxo


  1. Hey Mom
    I give all of you props! I would prob die from heat and have to resort to walking around in a bikini! Nice look mom I can only imagine hahaha I would appericate the nice tan though. Mom are you the fashionista of the team? or the maple syrup maker? hahah
    Do you come back Monday?
    Anyway hope you are enjoying your time :) I was sunny today but cooler tonight. Welcome to Canada!
    I checked up on Oreo yesterday and took him out for a walk and I gave him a treat! and a bone. Poor little guy all alone.
    We had Easter dinner at Troy's yeaterday and one tomorrow.

    Have a great day/night!
    love you xo

  2. Hey Erin......thanks for checking on Oreo and the house! I appreciate it so much. We leave Haiti Arise on Tuesday morning at 430am for Port au Prince. We arrive in Calgary at approx 10pm Tuesday night......staying overnight and I should be should Wednesday at noon. Sad to leave Haiti but excited to come home too......miss my family so much!! Love ya lots sweet pea.....what is Cole up to??? Xoxoxo Mom