Monday, 18 April 2011

We are here in one piece.

Wow.....what an amazing place. It is chaotic, beautiful and really hot and green. sorry guys. we arrived at the airport and when we got off the plane we were met with a welcoming committee. we had a band playing as we walked thru the terminal. we went thru customs and gathered our 24 suitcases and we were off. Most of the group road in a van from Haiti Arise. Delynne, Dawn and I rode Ian a small a truck. he ride was more fun than a carnival ride. Haiti drivers would be bored driving in Medicine Hat. there is still some evidence of earthquake damage. we stopped to see a church sand the royal palace that was damaged. Many of the buildings along the streets were damaged and people just continued around it. People are so resilient..iti is wonderful. the streets were line with vendors selling afditems from clothes, DVD,s, fruit,and chickens. the drive took us about 3 hours as the were a few trafific jams. that was interesting. we had a policeman with us and he got out to stop traffic while we drove over the median and headed the wrong way. we did make it eventually to Haiti Arise. After we had a chance to get settled Rebecca took us on a tour. we saw the house that Haiti Arise built for a family. we continued to a plot of land that Hatit Arise wants to build a school and orphanage on. there are a fees challenged facing them as Satan does not want this project to happen. Our group prayed with Rebecca that those challenged would be over come. Please remember to pray for Haitian Arise and that the challenges would be resolved.
AFter that we had dinner which was awesome, had a small meeting . well I am being told that I am writing a book so I guess I had better go. I am really hot and very tired. Hello to my family, I miss you guys so much.

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