Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Beautiful Haiti

What an amazing day! Highlights of today were helping dismantle the wire off the childrens school yard fence so we can finish building it with wood tomorrow, the powerful Haitian church service, and experiencing Haitian food...spicy! As I sat in church tonight I just felt so honored to be here with these beautiful people......in just one day they have touched me already. Miss ya so much Cole....hope you are able to read this, as I have no cell service. Looking so forward to going to the market tomorrow and VBS with the kids. Big hugs to Cole & Erin...and to you too Mom, Paul & Debi!!


  1. Hey Delynne... get Chris to text the link to the blog to Cole.

  2. Hi Delynne from Lori...thinking of you!!!

  3. Hey Mom,

    It's Erin. It's 11:00 here on Wed the 20th and I was jsut studying for my Knes Exam and eating Creamy Garlic Chicken Alredo yuM! Anyways, I went and check on Oreo on Monday and he was still alive! Haha and I borrowed my baby album to show Troy. Cole is fine too and Dad went to his Crusaders soccer meeting. I bet if ya had BELL you would have cell phone service ahhaha jsut kidding!

  4. Other than that all is good here. At least it is sunny here and no more snow! I went to Walmart today! My favorite store beside A&F and lululemon haha out of boredom and I needed a study break. Lewis was very sad when I left your house by I assured him he was ok :) So your dog is alive and your house is still standing. I hope you are having a great time and enjoying the spicy food and Haiti and that you all come back alive and well. and come back with a nice TAN! :) haha Praying for all of you! Have a great day!

    Love much xo


  5. P.S. Delynne...Lori again...can you say Happy Birthday to Marilyn and tell Toni Chynna says hi and that she misses her?!

  6. Hi Delynne,
    Glad you are having a great time!! We're missing you and thinking of you! I'm really enjoying reading these blogs...it's cool!!
    Take care and enjoy yourself!
    Shannon :o)