Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Another day in Haiti

Today was an extra special day for Steve as he was able to work on one of the Each One Build One homes and he loved every minute of it. He came back to the house absolutely drenched but glowing with excitement! The church service was amazing, the message was powerful, if only we could bottle this energy and enthusiasm and bring it back to the link to show everyone there! I am so impressed with everyone on the team as there is much laughter, cooperation and willingness to serve! We are so glad to be here! We are missing and praying for you kids! Hope your first day of work went well Kotes! We met Kelly tonight mamen and he says hi and believe it or not, the bunk beds are still standing and it's kinda cool that your Dad is sleeping in one! Girls, don,t let those boys be too hard on you, and thanks for the heads up on the house! Ttyl!


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  2. Dad you go to work on the homes....wow I bet you were like a little boy at Christmas! That is such a wonderful project to say that you helped out with. And Mom I heard that you gave your testimony....thats amazing. You have such a powerful testimony that deserves to be heard more!

    Lacey burned the pizzas last night....Mom come back soon lol! I had my meeting at the bank Monday and heard back from them and cant wait to tell you about it! I miss you both alot. The house is a tad bit quieter! I love you and hope you have a great day!