Monday, 18 April 2011

Chris in Haiti!

Hello friends and family!

I hope you will take the time to read this as it will prove to be interesting! I so wish we had the ability to post pictures as that would blow your mind "fo show"...

Anyway all is well so far. little chicken and rice for supper and twizzlers for evening snack! we have baby kitties and huge cockroaches as roomies but we also have air-conditioned bedrooms so not to complain! It seems like I've been up for two days(minus the gravel sleep I had on the van today)so I should go to bed! Good night and thanks in advance for your prayers and well wishes.


  1. YEAH.... so good to hear from you. We miss you a lot. Jake was asking for his "udder dump truck today" and I reminded him that you took it to Haiti and he smiled. We are doing good here. A steady flow of Kahlua filled iced capps are helping me maintain my sanity... LOL... KIDDING! Luke is walking EVERYWHERE... he's done with crawling.

    Love you soooooooo much. I'm REALLY proud of you and the whole team. And I'm glad that you have A/C.

    Do you wish you had the camera????


  2. Good to hear. I looked up Grand-Goave on Google Earth. I feel closer for some reason. Praying for you guys. Sean